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If you like naked straight men young with a bubbly personality, you'll love Gabe Parrillo. He's a typical twink; smooth, skinny and giggly. A classic slacker, he's agreed to give us a show as he needs money for some new clothes. He's really nervous about jacking in front of another guy, but when asked to show his butt, without further prompting he pulls down his shorts and bends over!

Gabe gets on the couch wearing only his boxers. As we talk about the type of porn he likes, there's a stirring underneath and when the boxers get shucked off he's solid rock-hard. Gabe gets into doing his solo, he works on his dick as his legs slide on the floor and his toes curl. Dropping to his knees, he feels himself all over before lying back on the couch and returning to his cock. He doesn't seem to need any lube as he strokes and pulls on his big one, until he delivers a mellow cum, his load erupting all over the amateur straight guys silky stomach. Click the link and enjoy. We can only hope that fashions change quickly, we want to see more of Gabe soon.

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Needing some cash to restore his car, this amateur straight guys here with his girlfriends approval - actually she says she's keen to see it! Duncan Tyler is a tall, lean surfer dude with a mop of blond hair who is incredibly shy. He giggles through the entire initial interview and can't even say 'wank off' when asked what he's going to do. Don't be put off by this, it's seriously cute and really horny!

As he strips down, Duncan reveals some sexy tattoos: A sun on his back, a dove on his stomach and a big ol' smiley face on his butt! Getting naked, you'll begin to wonder what it is with slim guys and big dicks - Duncan's man meat is long and hefty. He gets on his knees and the camera takes in his stomach and chest. He pulls on his nuts as he starts to work his cock then uses both hands to jack, only taking a break to show us a peek up his straight-boy hole. Duncan uses a load of lube, but with a dick his size he needs it! Duncan keeps slicking up and jacking on his monster meat until, biting his lips, he cums. A massive load squirts up as he unleashes sweet creamy straight-boy goodness all over his chest. You'll need to watch this over again to see just how high the amateur straight guys jizz flies into the air! Get it all right here. Talk about reaching for the stars!

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