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Both these amateur straight guys have graced our cameras before doing solo shoots, but today we're upping the ante (and the cash) to get them to go further. This will be the first time either Trey and Kirk have been with another guy, and both are all apprehensive smiles! Trey more so because he's the one getting a cock in his mouth!

They strip to their boxer shorts. As Kirk sits on the bed, you'll be mesmerized by the sexy trail of hair from his chest to crotch. Trey plays with Kirk's cock through the thin fabric, but soon both horny twinks get naked. Trey hesitantly puts Kirk's cock in his mouth as he lies back with eyes closed and lips pursed. This might be Trey's first time with another guy's dick in his mouth but check out his hard cock - he's enjoying himself! When Kirk stands up, Trey attempts to take as much as he can - and credit, he doesn't even gag when he gets his throat stuffed with the rock-hard fattie.

Getting back on the bed, Kirk spreads his furry thighs and Trey snuggles in to continue working on his cock. He gives Kirk's big balls and pulsing shaft a good tongue bath as he jerks on his own cock. After slobbering on Kirk's cock for an age, he dumps a hot sticky load on Kirk's chunky hairy thigh. He continues to blow Kirk to the edge then pulls off to let Kirk stroke out a creamy cum dump, making his stomach and chest hair all wet and sticky. Watch these two young horny naked straight men, here. What's next for these two amateur straight guys; a threesome or some penetration, or both!!

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This amateur straight guys always in need of some cash, and always ready to play for pay. I sort out a video, give him the remote and a towel and let him get on with it. He shucks his top, lowers his pants and starts to yank on his very impressive straight-boy dick. After a long heavy stroke, he drops to his knees and blasts a load of amateur straight guys cum all over the towel. Click and enjoy. Another towel for my collection (grin)!

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