Amateur straight guys

This amateur straight guys a bartender at a watering hole down at the beach. Frank really enjoys his job, he gets to serve a load of scimpily-clad sexy girls and loves flirting with them! He laid his charm on our casting girl and she soon got him into the studios.

When he found out who the target audience was, Frank spent a lot of time emphasizing that he was straight (well, they all do, don't they?!). However, he was quite happy to get his kit off for the 'gays' as he cutely put it! Once he started stroking his cock, you could see from he eyes that he was moving into a different zone and really let go. He was a total animal and really knew how to turn himself on and pleasure his now rock-hard, big cock. Grinning right into the camera lens, Frank gives a great show, letting the camera get an intimate look at his body, even pulling his furry bubble-butt cheeks apart to show his hairy pink straight-boy hole. By this time he was so carried away that he even let Mike, the studio manager who just loves straight boys, stroke and play with his fuck-hole!! How far did Mike get? Check out the video and this amateur straight guys horny show, here! Mike says he'd always respect straight boys boundaries - it seems Frank's dropped most of his!!

Amateur staight guys hole and load show

This amateur straight guys in a bit of a fix; Jack's just lost his job for failing a random drugs test and has a new baby on the way. He was desperate for some extra cash and happily took a job cleaning the pool. He stripped off his jeans and t-shirt, showing his well toned body with a very cute tattoo. As he changed into a pair of bright yellow shorts, he flashed his cock - now this boy's got a lot going on in down there!!

Once he'd cleaned the pool he asked if there were any other jobs he could do as he needed to make another $50 that day. This amateur straight guys not shy; he started playing with his cock and said he would do what ever it took to make that $50. Time to get into the studio!!

Sitting on the settee, Jack said that he'd wanked-off for cash before. He stood up and got naked, showing a pale, but defined, body. Turning around, Jack showed his bubble butt for the camera. Laying back on the settee, Jack wrapped his hand around his cock and started to work it to a throbbing erection. Using some lube, he worked his hand up and down his shaft. This amateur straight guys not shy either; he was more than happy to raise his legs and show his tight straight-boy ass, wetting his finger and working it around his hole. Standing up, Jack continued to play with his cock for a few minutes before kneeling on the settee and pushing his cock between his thighs. When asked to, he arched his back and stuck his butt out so the camera could get a close-up look at his tight hole. As he wanked, Jack shoved his balls between his legs so they bounced on each other; and then he sat back down, his hand never moving from his dick.

With another squirt of lube, Jack was close to cumming. Panting as he worked on his cock, it's clear that he's not far from shooting his load and with another squirt of lube he started jerking on his dick at a fast and furious pace. With sweat dripping from his brow, this amateur straight guys climax was blasting, with cum dribbling down his cock and into his thick pubes, just see how much!! Later Jack grinned and admitted that he was pretty proud of his cock and liked giving a show - if he wasn't so desperate he would have done it for free!!

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