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These two amateur straight guys are desperate for some cash, they both had bills piling up and rent to pay. Bobby and Rocco were keen to get on with the job and stripped off, climbed onto the bed and started playing with their cocks as they watched some straight porn. Within seconds, both cocks were rock hard.

As they wanked off, some more money was offered if they'd kiss; they weren't keen but an extra $100 soon had them locking lips; that's hot, two amateur straight guys even putting a little tongue into it!! Once apart, Rocco dived down and started working his lips on Bobby's rock-hard dick, wanking his own at the same time. Rocco tried sliding Bobby's thick cock down his throat as far as he could, but suddenly choked and had to pull off, spluttering and dribbling over Bobby's cock.

Now for the big money and some straight-boy ass fucking; after a huge amount of persuasion and upping the cash offers, it was decided that Rocco would get fucked for the first time and both guys got themselves prepared and ready to fuck. Rocco knelt on the bed while Bobby stood behind him, slowly working his fat cock into Rocco's tight, virgin ass. Rocco was feeling more pain than pleasure as his tight asshole fought against having a dick deep inside, even so, Bobby gently pumped in and out - letting Rocco get used to his fat dick, before trying to go faster and harder. Rocco was moaning in discomfort, wanking his cock as he tried to relax.

Rocco flipped onto his back and spread his legs wide as Bobby slid right back into his tight ass; this new position was better for Rocco as Bobby was able to fuck him even faster as Rocco could pump his own cock. Despite getting fucked, Rocco's dick was throbbing and with a moan of 'oh yeah!', Rocco's cum splashed all over his stomach and chest and dribbled down his cock. Bobby pulled out and jerked off over Rocco, spraying his hot jizz all over Rocco's hot and sore asshole and the bed sheets. Both these amateur straight guys give a great show, especially Rocco for taking a hot fat cock in his virgin ass, it's horny and it's here. You could say that both guys went rent for their rent!

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Boston and Jimmy, two amateur straight guys, are broke again - and up for some action in front of the camera for cash.

The two amateur straight guys strip down to their boxers. Boston has a pale body and a lush, dark, treasure trail traveling down to hide underneath his underwear. As the boys talk trash with each other, they play with cocks to get them hard. Jimmy's dick springs to full attention almost instantly and Boston was not far behind.

Boston immediately swoops down on Jimmy's fat dick. Right away it was obvious that this was not his first time sucking cock, as his head bobs up and down. Boston has Jimmy groaning with pleasure as he works hard on the long cock. Then it's Jimmy's turn to stand up while Boston kneels down in front of him. As Jimmy pushes Boston down lower, he gets all macho, telling him to 'just open wide' as he thrusts his throbbing cock in and out of Boston's mouth.

Despite being obviously experienced, Boston still gags a little as Jimmy brushes the back of his throat with his fat knob head. Boston takes it well though, content to let Jimmy face fuck him, but then he takes control, sliding his mouth up and down Jimmy's shaft; and then deep throats him three times in succession. Next, Boston licks a long stripe all the way from Jimmy's fat balls the the head of his dick. Boston started jerking himself off as he was so getting off on having a dick in his mouth.

Boston was working such a good job on Jimmy's cock that he was close to cumming. As Boston loves cock so much, more money was offered if he let Jimmy cum on his tongue (would you believe that that guy can haggle even with a mouth full of cock?!!); sticking his tongue out, Boston encourage Jimmy as he wanked off furiously; Jimmy let fly with a blasting cum, spilling all over Boston's tongue before dripping onto the floor. Which is where your cum will end up as you enjoy these two amateur straight guys sucking, one getting his tongue covered in hot sticky jizm, it's all here. When mentioning his ease at taking another guys cock in his mouth, Boston admitted that he's fooled round with another guy and did some 'experimenting' once!

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